About June

Hi, I’m June, a crafting enthusiast and I love to share my crafting designs.

I started crafting at an early age before I was five years old. My Mum has a photo of us sitting on a sofa, and Mum is teaching me how to knit. Although I did learn how to knit, I also learnt to crochet through my maternal grandmother, Gran.  After a quick demonstration when I was about seven, Gran passed over her #10 crochet cotton and fine crochet hook and I took over, reading from the pattern and asking for only a little help.

In later years I learnt how to make jewellery with seed beads, in my lunch hour at school, cross-stitch and later card making became a passion too.

I love to teach, and the modern way to do that is online. I’m not confident enough to get in front of a camera, as yet, so a blog seems the best way for me.

As a visitor here, you could be a part of a community that could support and influence me to design something a little different and a little out of my depth too, perhaps.

Thank you so much for being part of this community. There are plenty of ways that you can become more involved. You can contact me by commenting on my posts, via email and on my social media accounts too. Later, if you join my newsletter, I’ll be able to email you details of items I will be using in future designs, and if you are interested in buying my handmade greetings card’s you could find out when they have been listed here and in my online shops too.

I live in Durham, UK, with my husband Phil, my adult son Sean, and Ryan, who is 14.  I have a pet dog Sasha, a 6 year old Samoyed.  My ‘middle son’ Daryl is married, to Samantha, who is another fan of crafting.  They live nearby.

June Jackson, JuneJacksonDesigns