New card listings in shop

I’ve made a leap away from Gradually over the next few weeks I’m moving my cards to buy on over to


The market on is saturated and basically, without advertising on their site, I’m not getting any views. I’m not going to say anymore, other than I’ve watched YouTube till my eyes are sore and I’m not producing much at all. I’m going to blog what I make, list it to Folksy and add it to my Pinterest boards. I’m not even going to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at the moment. Not till the stock levels are a lot higher. It’s been proven to be a bit of a waste of time at the moment. Thinking ahead, I’m not going to close my Etsy shop as I’m aware there is a plugin available called Etsy360 which allows you to show your Etsy listings on your website, and once a customer has an item in their basket on your website, when they are ready to buy they will be directed to Etsy for completion of the sale. Basically you list on Etsy, and the item is show on your website. You get the traffic to your website but the customer gets the security that Etsy provides. Something to think about in the future.

How am I moving over to Folksy?

Folksy allow you to send to them your CSV file from your Etsy shop and they arrange for one of their engineers to add the listings into your drafts folder. This is only available to their shops who have the Folksy Plus plan, which is £5 a month, paid monthly so you can change at any time. It only takes a couple of days to arrange for you, and there is minimal work for you to do when the listings are ready, freeing up your time to make more stock. I have managed to do this with one of my Etsy shops already and expect todays file transfer to be available by the weekend.

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