Folksy – an online craft market place.

On Sunday I opened a new online shop using I opted to enrol with a Folksy PLUS account (£5.00 a month) as I have chosen to send my CSV file from my SheHasHazelEyes shop and there are 63 listings in there. They uploaded into Drafts all of the listings, including the crochet patterns I sell in the SheHasHazelEyes on Etsy (These will eventually go into my other Folksy shop of the same name).

A floral greetings card

Today Folksy emailed me to confirm the listings are in the Drafts folder and just a little tweaking is needed before they are ready to be published. It was a simple task of choosing the right category for the listings, which could be bulk changed, when and where made, inspiration details if chosen and setting the postage information etc. The time consuming part, the tags, descriptions, and photos were already drafted for me. Well worth paying £5.00 for. If I list about 28 items a month it will pay to continue with the Plus account, never mind the additional features. The only downside, the SKU’s if you use them, as I do, they are not used on Folksy so I would add them to the bottom of your listing description or perhaps at the end of your listing title.

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