Where you can find my handmade crafts and crochet patterns, and a little something about me

It was a visit to Pinterest that led me to Etsy.  I saw all the loveable homemade items and fell in love with the idea of making something someone else might love too.  This led to me making my first crochet doily blanket, ever.  I started crocheting at primary school, would you believe me if I said it was with 10# crochet cotton. I now have a few crochet patterns listed on Etsy, ‘SheHasHazelEyes’, and have ventured on to other sites too.  Ravelry and LoveCrochet. Cards and jewellery will be also available on Folksey when time allows. I do intend to have listings on my own website in the future but at the moment I don’t think I have enough sales to warrant the changes.

I have varied interests ranging from crochet to card making, reading to writing, jewellery making to walking my dog. Crocheting calms me, card making and jewellery making feeds my creativity, reading gives me imagination and writing shows me I can put ideas down on paper, I tend to just write for self confidence.

Folksy – a new sales outlet

I listed for the first time on Etsy.com on Sat and today I have listed again on Folksy.com.

Check out some of my designs.

A faux pearl and Swarovski bicone bracelet mixed with Miyuki seed beads that are a bright silver Duracoat Galvanised colour. When sunlight hits these green beads they really do brighten anyones mood.

Trish Bracelet

I listed some bracelets for the first time in my Etsy shop today. Six bracelets, but only two designs. I think binge making is the way to go till I have a few designs to chose from.

Today’s listings include ‘Trish’s bracelet” although I have not included the same colour of bead that I used when I made a bracelet for Trish, a work colleague who retired a couple of weeks ago. She likes her bracelet so the design was given a thumbs up and I made a few more in different colours, and switched to bicones for most of them.

This design uses 8mm faux white pearls, 4mm bicones, although you could swap out the bicone for a Czech fire polished bead. Here I have used Miyuki Duracoat Galvanised silver 11/0 seed beads too.

It’s a nice and simple design that works up quite quickly. I found it quite relaxing and refreshing to get something made without too much time. I’ll save the harder ones for now.

It’s all design, design, design, at the moment.

I have ventured out to a domain of my own and there is a lot to learn.

My head is spinning and I have no idea how I get to sleep at night at the moment.  There is so much to consider too.  I have read Pinterest pin ideas, looked at photo editing apps and programs.

The big question of late has been ‘What do you want?’  Well I don’t really know at the moment.  Stick around and see things develop.